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We invite you to join our global Human Experience (HX) Leaders Network, a group of founding HX-Pioneers and HX Leaders from across industries and geographies.

About Us

The EX Leaders Network has been rebranded as the ‘HX Leaders Network’ (HXLN), reflecting the focus on the total ‘Human Experience’ of Work. We experience work well beyond HR processes and the traditional lifecycle. Covid-19 has accelerated changes already underway in business model and business strategy, as well as our physical and digital workspace.

The new HXLN is a platform to ‘Connect, Learn and Share’ our experiences to inspire and educate others. We are a global network of people building a better Human Experience at the organizations where we work.

Our network was formed to share ‘what works’ and to shape the future direction of HX. We are HX Heads and others doing People Analytics, Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, and creating Physical and Digital Workspace – in a variety of applications.

We meet live and virtually to learn from each other and go deeper into the disciplines of HX that drive a better workplace experience and better CX. We share our HX stories, learn new skills, share new tech, get inspired by what others are doing and co-create ‘what’s next’ for HX.

Our goal is threefold

To promote the development of HX as a new discipline and sustainable way of working – across all the functions that touch HX – discovering where and how people enjoy and do their best work in your business context.

To develop this generation of new HX leaders – people who have never done this role before, learning from HX Pioneers and acquiring expertise in Design Thinking, Agile/Scrum/Sprint, Behavior Science, Analytics, Journey Mapping, etc.

To help companies achieve faster growth, more profit, and become disruptive, using HX and CX to transform your culture and business model, and develop new ways of working.

HX 2020 Global Report & Case Studies

The 2020 EX Report is now available!

In our 3rd global HX study, some 200 companies participated in our survey. We selected another 7 top organizations with a variety of excellent “HX Stories” that highlight key trends and strategies as HX matures and changes the way we work: ABN AMRO, Facebook, ING, InVision, KBC Group, LinkedIn and Walmart share their approach to building new Human-centric organizations and discovering ‘What works best here’.

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    If you would like to tell your organization’s HX story and participate in our next HX research or would like to become a member of our HX Leaders Network, please feel free to reach out to us!

    Email: info@hxleadersnetwork.com