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Most HX Leaders are doing their role for the very first time and most have started in the past 24 months. Even HX ‘Pioneers’ are looking for ‘What’s Next for HX?’. We formed this network at the request of HX Leaders who want to meet and learn from one another, share ‘what works’, and co-create and shape HX to emphasize the Human Experience. Most conferences feature one-way presentations. You sit and listen. Our events are designed to engage and maximize the learning from everyone present, with topics across the rich spectrum of HX.

We invite all HX and CX leaders and those who do People Analytics, Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, Physical and Digital Workspace, Agile methodology, as well as those who design People processes that benefit from HX e.g. Talent Acquisition, Learning, Performance Management, etc.

Past events

HX Leaders Network Summit

On June 9 & 10, we held our global virtual HX Leaders Network Summit under the newly re-branded HX Leaders Network. You can listen to all the sessions through the links below. We featured speakers from Europe, N. America & Asia/Pacific, including:

Jonathan Gelfand
Global Well-being & Health Promotion Strategy - IBM
Damon Deaner
Head of EX Design - IBM
Gareth Rollitt
Director, People Analytics - Microsoft
Görkem Balci
Group Talent, Engagement & Organizational Development Manager - Koç Holding A.Ş.
Marie Kretlow
Senior Experience Designer, People - InVision
Rita Newman
Head of EX, Tribe Lead of Joiners & Movers - ANZ Bank
Andrew Marritt
CEO - Organization View (People Analytics)
Chiara Aliberti
Masters’ Degree Volunteer in Refugee Camps: Greece, Mexico, Italy

We heard great examples of how to apply design thinking in the time of Covid-19, including:

  • Koç Holding (100K employees), who implemented 1,000 new prototype ideas in March and April alone, from their massive listening/empathy exercises.
  • How IBM Wellness’ team have listened to and created new initiatives adapted to the needs of their colleagues during this crisis.
  • ANZ Bank whose Agile transformation is best known for new ways of leading (NWOL) and new ways of working (NWOW)
  • A report from Elliott Nelson (founder of the HX Leader Network & HX Transforma) on ‘HX in the time of Covid-19’ (see survey link below)

The EX Leaders Network has been rebranded as the ‘HX Leaders Network‘ (HXLN), reflecting the focus on the total ‘Human Experience’ of Work. We experience work well beyond HR processes and the traditional lifecycle. Covid-19 has accelerated changes already underway in business model and business strategy, as well as our physical and digital workspace. The new HXLN is a platform to ‘Connect, Learn and Share’ our experiences to inspire and educate others.

On June 10, HXLN member organizations participated in closed ‘HXLN Cohort Webcalls where they directly exchanged and shared examples and applications with their peers across companies. HXLN members also enjoy access to resources, tools and discounts to HX Playbook workshops and bootcamps.


HX Leaders Summit


Theme: ‘The Human Experience of Work During and After Covid-19’


Session 1:  – Welcome: Elliott Nelson-sharing of global study on ‘HX in the Time of Covid-19’; Case Study: Görkem Balci, Head of EX & Organizational Development, Koç Holding

Görkem Balci - Koç Holding
Using Design Thinking & EX to create 1,000 ideas

Session 2: Jonathan Gelfand – IBM: How IBM Wellness Group listened to & created new initiatives during time of Covid-19

Jonathan Gelfand - IBM
How IBM Wellness Group listened to & created new initiatives during time of Covid-19

Session 3: Rita Newman – ANZ Bank: Agile in ANZ’s Talent & Culture Organization

Rita Newman - ANZ Bank
Agile in ANZ's Talent & Culture Organization

Session 4: Gareth Rollitt, Director, People Analytics, Microsoft

Gareth Rollitt - Microsoft
Listening Strategy to help Microsoft in time of Covid-19

Session 5: HX Panel – Damon Deaner-EX Design at IBM, Marie Kretlow- Sr. Experience Designer, People at InVision, Andrew Marrit-CEO at OrganizationView

HX Panel
Damon Deaner-EX Design at IBM, Marie Kretlow- Sr. Experience Designer, People at InVision, Andrew Marrit-CEO at OrganizationView

Session 6: Listening, A Sanctuary from Human Annihilation – Chiara Aliberti

Chiara Aliberti
Listening, A Sanctuary from Human Annihilation

We invite you to participate in our global study on HX in the time of Covid-19 and receive a free report with survey results and case studies. Please take our short survey here.

The HX Leaders Network Summit is sponsored by the HX Leaders Network and Challenger, Gray & Christmas