Member Events

As a member organization of the HX Leaders Network, you are invited to participate in a unique ‘Cohort’ or peer-to-peer call of HX Leaders on June 10.

15:00-17:00 CET / 9:00 – 11:00AM EDT (US East Coast)

The purpose of the webcalls is to have a dialog directly with your peers and learn more about what others are doing on similar problems – in smaller groups. A few will be invited to share examples, and we will spend most of the hour in conversation and sharing.

HX Leaders Summit


Theme: ‘The Human Experience of Work During and After Covid-19’


15:00CET/9:00EDT – Session 1  – How we’re listening/supporting our colleagues/what have we learned?

  • How are you using HX & Design Thinking methods to listen to & empathize with your people in this crisis, & prepare for the new way of working? (e.g. to understand journeys, pain points, ideate, etc.)
  • What do people say are their Moments that Matter* during this crisis?
  • What do people say are their most frequent ‘Pain’ Points?
  • What kinds of ideation & prototyping are you doing to address pain points and Moments that Matter?

16:00CET/10:00EDT – Session 2 – Post Covid-19 – How will the world of work change?

  • What kinds of support do people say they need as they return to work on location?
  • What permanent changes do you expect as a result of Covid-19?
  • What do your HX & data insights suggest regarding how engagement and other HR frameworks & processes need to change?
  • What will you need to change to make the virtual/digital Human Experience more consistent at scale?

Register & choose as many sessions as you wish:

We invite you to participate in our global study on HX in the time of Covid-19 and receive a free report with survey results and case studies. Please take our short survey here.

The HX Leaders Network Summit is sponsored by the HX Leaders Network and Challenger, Gray & Christmas