About Us

We are a global network of people building a better Human Experience at the organizations where we work. Our network was formed to share ‘what works’ and to shape the future direction of HX. We are HX Heads and others doing People Analytics, Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, and creating Physical and Digital Workspace – in a variety of applications.

We meet live and virtually to learn from each other and go deeper into the disciplines of HX that drive a better workplace experience and better CX. We share our HX stories, learn new skills, share new tech, get inspired by what others are doing and co-create ‘what’s next’ for HX.

Most HX Heads are doing their role for the first time. Both new and more seasoned HX Heads express a strong desire to meet others with their same role, and learn how they are building HX in their organizations. We invite you to join our global Employee Experience (HX) Leaders Network – a group of founding HX-Pioneers and HX Leaders from across industries and geographies – and together let’s promote and shape HX.

Elliott Nelson
Founder HX Leaders Network
Elliott is a founder of the HX Leaders Network. He writes, speaks and consults on HX. Elliott is a former head of Talent and Transformation at several organizations and is certified in Design Thinking and Coaching. He's driven by a desire to help people learn and use new Human-Centered Design tools and connect with others doing innovative and more fulfilling ways of working.